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Government Systems and Security Services

Our office affiliate can review
the security controls in government systems to meet the Government Information Security Reform Act
requirements (GISRA).

When significant modifications are made to the system, the scope and frequency of the review will be commensurate
with the acceptable level of
risk for the system.

Depending on the potential risk and magnitude of harm that could occur, we would identify a deficiency pursuant to GAO's Federal Information System Control Audit Manual
(FISCAM), OMB Circular No.
A-123, "Management Accountability and Control"
and the Federal Managers' Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) and requirements of the Computer Security Act of 1987.
As part of our security review,
we offer:

Review controls to be included
  in Federal automated
  information security programs

Review assignment of Federal
  agency responsibilities for the
  security of automated

Evaluate Entity-wide security
  program planning and

Review links for agency
  automated information
  security programs and
  agency management control
  systems established in
  accordance with OMB Circular
  No. A-123

Assess security management
  structure, plan, policies and

Evaluate Access Controls
  (physical and logical controls)

Evaluate the security over
  application software
  development and change

Evaluate security over system
  software and evaluate
  segregation of duties.

In addition, we provide state of the art forensic live scan fingerprinting; corporate and government risk assessment consulting; employee background checks and security services.

Hardware, Software, and Network Management Solutions

We work to provide competitive low cost computer and software
prices for government, non-profit and educational institutions. We provide hardware and software solutions for Local Area Network and Wide Area Network Solutions as well as customized configuration of desktops to fit your operating system and network operating
systems you may have.

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